Probation Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM.

To contact the Probation Office please call:

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Chief Probation Officer

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Probation Officer

Probation is a sentence which may be imposed by the Judge, often in conjunction with incarceration and fines.  It is a sentencing option for misdemeanors, but not all offenses qualify for probation.  Defendants placed on probation are required to follow all Orders of the Court.  The fee charged for reporting probation is $150.00.  The non-reporting probation fee is $120.00. 

Probationers must follow all General Conditions of Probation while under supervision:


1.         You shall not commit any violation of law.

2.         You shall notify your probation officer WITHIN 24 HOURS if you are arrested or questioned by any law enforcement officer.

3.         You shall not purchase, own, possess, use, or have under your control, any firearm or other deadly weapon.

4.         You shall not leave the state of Ohio without permission of your probation officer.

5.         You shall work regularly at a lawful job and support your legal dependants to the best of your ability. You shall inform you probation officer prior to any job changes. If you are unemployed, and not disabled, you shall seek and obtain employment.

6.         You must inform your probation officer WITHIN 24 HOURS of any change in your actual address (where you sleep at night) or phone number. 

7.         You shall not use any drugs of abuse, nor consume alcohol, and you shall stay out of bars and drug houses. You shall not possess, use, sell, distribute or have in your possession any drugs or substances of abuse.

8.         You must inform your probation officer of any medications you are prescribed, and you will be required to show proof of any prescriptions. You shall not have in your possession any medications except those prescribed to YOU by a licensed physician.  

9.         You must submit to random drug and alcohol testing as required by your Probation Officer, or as requested by any law enforcement officer.

10.       You shall report to your Probation Officer at such time and place as directed. 

11.       You shall follow your Probation Officer’s instructions and advice at all times.

12.       I understand that I shall submit my person (at any place I may be found) my property, place of residence, vehicle, personal effects, to search at any time, with or without search or arrest warrant or reasonable cause by any probation officer. 

            I understand that the Court may change the specific conditions of probation, reduce or extend the period of probation, and at any time during the probation period, may issue a warrant and revoke for a violation including specific conditions occurring during the probation period.