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The Miamisburg Municipal Court is located in southwestern Montgomery County, and serves approximately 80,000 citizens. Miamisburg Municipal Court's jurisdiction includes the cities of Miamisburg, Germantown, and West Carrollton, along with Miami and German Township. The judge of The Miamisburg Municipal Court is an elected official, and is the single administrative judge. The magistrate, clerk of court, chief bailiff, and other court staff are appointed by the judge and serve at his will. 

Judge: Robert W. Rettich, III             

Magistrate: Jeffrey D. Slyman

Clerk of Courts: Amanda J. Zennie

Chief Bailiff: Kirk J. Bell

Prior to Judge Rettich taking office in 2012, he owned and operated a successful law firm in Germantown, Ohio for over thirty years. Judge Rettich wants to assure the citizens that Miamisburg Municipal Court has been blessed with fair-minded judges, who have listened to and considered all the applicable facts of each case. These judges made decisions with the individual and the community in mind. Judge Rettich fully intends to follow in this tradition and is dedicated to maintaining the same quality of service. The Miamisburg Municipal Court hopes that you will be reminded of the necessity to observe all laws for your safety, and for the safety of others.


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